Welcome to HEN SAPP Entertainment

Welcome to Hen Sapp Entertainment

Henry Sapp better known as Hen Sapp, is a loving husband and father of 2 girls. Hen is a hard working Christian man whom God has preserved and anointed for such a time as this. He is an edgy Christian Comedian with a gift to make people laugh. As long as he can remember, He has made people laugh from classmates to teachers, friends and family with his quick and witty responses. He learned to tell jokes by playing the dozens as a way to protect himself after being teased about his skin complexion. He would sit around and observe the strange and odd things people would do when they didn't think anyone was watching or paying attention, especially in the church! Realizing that people would laugh with him and not at him if he learned to flip the script, he began to tell stories he'd witnessed with a lot of extra twist. Eventually he realized God uniquely gifted him, but with fear of rejection as he had experienced before, he kept silent. On occasion you could find him sitting around at a function or in the lobby at his church, surrounded by a crowd, making people laugh. Little did he know that God was up to something and
his reputation as a comic began to spread. In the spring of 2004, he did his first stand up comedy gig at a wedding reception. After years of being told that he should be a comedian, he prayed, asked God for clarity and direction, look a huge leap of faith, which brings us to the place where we are today.

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